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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hey, look what we can do....

I must say...I am extraordinarily excited about my recent discovery!!!

Preface: We've lived in our apartment for about 4 years now...we are on the bottom floor of a two story building, and tucked away into a little corner that doesn't get much light (in or out)....which is FABULOUS in the Whittier summers. We stay so nice and cool even when its blistering out.

But the lack of direct light has always prevented us from growing anything, no veggies, no herbs, not even any common plants one might expect to find on a patio. I have given up on trying to grow anything. We do, however, have avocados delight if you can figure a way to get at the avocados that hang three stories over our patio.

Yesterday morning I spent a good part of the morning cleaning our patio, when I noticed, quite surprised, 'hey, there is some sunlight hitting the top of the fence.'

Several hours after that I noticed 'hey, there is still light at the top of the fence'

Several hours after that I noticed 'hot damn! there's still light hitting the fence!'

What happened is this: About 5 months ago, the property owner had that giant avocado tree pruned for the first time in many many years.......letting in the light (it only took me 5 months to notice how wonderful this would be)

So for the first time in four years I've got me a tiny little garden a'brewin......

Today I started a few seeds, organic basil, oregano, and some jalapenos.

Happy days. We'll see what happens.

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