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Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Bulk Bags

*** As a fun option, if you give me one of your old favorite t-shirts, I will assemble it into reusable bags for you at no cost (donations would be gratefully accepted)***

$13.75 - 4 piece set

This time made from a recycled t-shirt. I will be adding more sets from time to time if you do not like the designs currently available.

Multi-piece set of Produce/Bulk bags made from an old t-shirt.

Yup, thats right - no new cotton used!

Did you know that a cotton t-shirt can take decades to decompose in a landfill?

Each bag has a drawstring closure, with a small glass bead to cinch each bag closed, until you want it open. I've also individually weighed each bag and included the tare weights.

Quantity of bags and bag sizes vary per set.....but all sets easily pack up inside of their smallest counterpart...which usually measures about 5" x 5". Please see the 2nd pic below. Once all bags are tucked away, you easily tuck them inside your purse, or just slip the drawstring over your wrist for a trip to the market. Smallest bags are great for herbs, teas, or small produce items like jalapenos.

Shirts/bags have been washed and dried.

Please remember these sets are made from used t-shirts, and may have a few blemishes. All bags have been washed well with friendly cleaning products.

My goal in making these bags available is to offer folks an easy, fun way to STOP using disposable produce bags. If you are a participating member of our buying group - you are welcome to pick up a set of bags free of charge (though a donation would be gratefully accepted). Please just let us know which design / color you would like.

$14.75 - 5 piece set (above)

$13.25 - 5 piece set (above)

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